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Firefly Ice: Source Code Repositories

Posted by denisbohm on April 17, 2013. 0 Comments

Lots of things coming together this week:


  • The firmware to read the sensors and communicate via Bluetooth Low Energy & USB is working.
  • Development of cloud data storage and syncing has started.
  • 3D printed enclosure prototypes have arrived.
  • I'm presenting this project at the Austin Hardware Startup Meetup.

Source Code Repositories: Below are links to all of the current source code repositories for the software, firmware, hardware, and enclosure.

Data Storage Service

GitHub: Firefly Data Storage Service

Cloud data storage service in Ruby / Sinatra hosted on Heroku and Mongohq.

API/SDK & Example Applications

GitHub: Firefly Ice API

Device API/SDK for iOS and Mac OS X with example applications.


GitHub: Firefly Ice Firmware

Device firmware written in 'C' using gcc.

Schematics & Printed Circuit Board Layout

GitHub: Firefly Ice Electronics

Eagle schematics & printed circuit board layout files.  The schematics have annotations that can be used to generate BOMs for ordering parts and for assembly.  The printed circuit board layout has layers for documentation of assembly locations of all BOM parts.

Note that the current schematics are for the first build of 10 prototype PCBAs.  There will be some changes based on testing and tuning done with those prototype PCBAs.

Component Parts Library

GitHub: Firefly Eagle Library

The Eagle component parts library has all of the parts used by the Firefly Ice electronics.

Rhino 3D Enclosure

Thingiverse: Firefly Ice Enclosure

The Rhino 3D file has all the development enclosure parts as well as some other parts used as reference such as the cover pate, battery, screws, etc.

Orderable Custom Enclosure Parts

Shapeways: Firefly Ice

The Shapeways files are printable STLs of the main body of the enclosure as well as the battery cover.  The cover plate, screws, etc, are standard parts that need to be ordered separately.

Energy Micro USB Firmware

GitHub: Energy Micro USB Firmware

Energy Micro USB firmware with a few fixes (gcc compatibility and not using port F pin 5 for VBUSEN).

Production Tools

GitHub: Firefly Production Tools for Mac OS X

Includes Firefly Flash application for Mac OS X that can be used to program firefly devices and also provides a GDB server so that any GDB based debugger can be used for development.

ARM SWD Framework

GitHub: ARM Serial Wire Debug Framework

The ARM Serial Wire Debug Mac OS X framework will be used by the production tools for testing and programming boards during production.

Project Tracking

Pivotal Tracker: Firefly Ice


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