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Firefly Ice: An Open Source Wearable / Internet of Things Platform

Firefly Ice Development Kit

Firefly Ice Development Kit
Everything you need to get started!

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Firefly Ice is an open source wearable / Internet of Things platform.  You can buy pre-built Firefly Ice PCBAs along with all of the other parts that you need to do development, without having to pay for PCB assembly and FCC testing yourself.

Wearables need to be small.  This requires tiny components, high quality PCBs, and high quality assembly.  This can be expensive when making the small quantities needed for development. Devices with radios require FCC testing before they can be sold, which is an expensive and time consuming process.

Firefly Ice uses an ARM Cortex processor and a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy radio to communicate with apps.  It is designed to be very low power, which makes it a good foundation for a wearable device.

Proudly designed and assembled in Austin Texas by Firefly Design LLC.  Firefly Design has been around for 20 years helping others create great products.  Recent designs include the Lumo BodyTech Lumo Lift and Lumo Back.

Firefly Ice: Timing Demo

Posted by Denis Bohm on October 06, 2014

The Firefly Ice has a quick simple proof of concept "timing" demo.  This works by using two Firefly Ice devices.  Each device recognizes an event.  When the event is recognized the accelerometer data is saved from right before and right after the event.  The saved data is synced from both devices to the Firefly Utility app and the timing between the two events is shown in a graph.

Checkout the Timing Demo page for details.


Firefly Ice: Raw Data Capture

Posted by Denis Bohm on October 06, 2014

 When working on algorithms it is very convenient to be able to easily capture raw sensor data from the Firefly Ice to use for offline development.  The Firefly Utility iOS app has a page that allows raw data to be recorded and synced to your iCloud account.  From iCloud it is easy to access that data from your Mac.

Checkout the Raw Data Capture page for details.


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Firefly Design has been around for 20 years helping others create great products.

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