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Firefly Ice Blue: Getting Ready for Production

Posted by denisbohm on June 10, 2013. 0 Comments

The next revision of the Firefly Ice hardware, called Firefly Ice Blue, is now on github in the repository firefly-ice-electronics.


Some of the more notable changes are:

  • Completely round PCB with a smaller diameter of 34 mm.
  • New RGB LED controller provides full color control.
  • External flash storage has been increased to 2 MB.
  • I2C connector to support external circuitry.
  • Design tweaks in support of very low sleep currents.
  • Mounting holes on either side of the USB connector and on the opposite end of the board.

A small prototype PCBA run has been started and should be ready in early July.  This design that will go into production this year.  I've switched gears to focus on the mechanical design of the enclosure.  More information on that will be coming soon.  If you are interested in purchasing Firefly Ice Blue PCBAs and/or complete Firefly Ice Blue devices please get in touch.


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