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PCBA 3D Model: Eagle CAD to Rhino 3D

Posted by denisbohm on September 14, 2013. 0 Comments

Firefly Ice Blue PCBA 3D Model

Having a 3D model of a PCBA can be very useful when designing a small enclosure with small clearances.  To help with this I've written a small Objective-C program to read the Eagle CAD PCB board file and generate a Rhino 3D Python script to create a 3D model of the board.  This makes it easy to check an enclosure design.

Place the 3D board model into your 3D enclosure and visually check for alignment, clearances, etc.  You can also do boolean operations to check for any interferences and see their exact shape.

The code is available in the Pcb-To-3D directory of the firefly-production-tools repository on GitHub.


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