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Firefly Ice: Production: Sourcing & BOM

The BOM app has two main uses: sourcing assistance & bill of materials generation.

Getting Started

Sourcing Assistance

When you click "Load Options", the schematic is read and the part ordering information is found via the ORDERING-CODE attributes.  The Octopart API is used to find distributors that carry those parts.

When you click "Load Pricing", the Octopart API part ordering information is used with the selected assembly and distributor options to create a set of "buys" for the components.  The total price and per parts set price are shown for various volumes.

Buy Files

A set of "buy" files is generated with a detailed breakdown by part.  Any stock issues are also listed in detail, so this is the first place to look.

Here is an example from the first part of a "firefly-ice-blue-buy-10.txt" file where there are 2 stock issues:

qty 10 $54.32/ea $543.25 2 BACKORDERS - Apr 03 ETA

IP4059CX5/LF,135 Digi-Key 11 $5.27 (10 $0.47900) BACKORDER - Apr 03 ETA

Buys By Part:
02013A220GAT2A Digi-Key 40 $2.16 (10 $0.05400)
250R05L150GV4T Digi-Key 40 $4.56 (25 $0.11400)
250R05L180GV4T Digi-Key 40 $4.56 (25 $0.11400)
74479775210 Mouser 20 $18.40 (1 $0.92000)

BOM Files

A set of "bom" files is generated with the details for which components were selected to be bought from each distributor.  (Note that the Digi-Key "bom" file is in a format that can be imported directly via "My Digi-Key".)

Here is an example of the first part of a "firefly-ice-blue-bom-10-Digi-Key.txt" file:

40      02013A220GAT2A          C32-33
40      250R05L150GV4T          C34-35
40      250R05L180GV4T          C22 C48
11      7V-16.000MAAE-T         X2

Note that this intended as sourcing assistance.  It is not guaranteed to find the best sourcing solution.  Always look at the details at each distributor.  Costs such as shipping and handling fees are not considered.

Bill Of Materials Generation

When you click "Generate Bill Of Materials", an Excel XML spreadsheet file is generated.  This file is in the format similar to that expected by Screaming Circuits.

Here is an example PDF conversion of a generated BOM.